Kitchendisease is a tumblr blog that posts mostly photographs of various things. The posts usually come in waves with about 4-7 days between. Waves as large as 13 photos have been spotted. Most photos appear unedited, but some have anomalies ranging from red squares to 3-dimensional objects.


  • On January 13, 2014, kitchendisease posted it's first wave of 13 photos.
  • On July 19, 2014, kitchendisease made it's only text post to date apologizing for a recent dramatic increase in posting frequency. In that month the only dates with no posts were July 5th, 10th, 11th, and 12th.
  • On August 13, 2014, kitchendisease posted it's first video. It shows water being spurted out of a hole in the ground and puddles in a lawn.
  • On December 11, 2014, kitchendisease posted another video, however, it seems to be malfunctional and has no thumbnail.

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